Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jack Jack

Jack is over six months now, and seems to have turned another corner: more and more of his person is unfolding all the time. He is sitting up much better suddenly, and his "Mama"s have gotten very clear. He rolls around to get to toys he wants on the ground. He's very adept at using all of his limbs, not just his hands/arms to manipulate toys and play. Jack's enjoying playing on the ground more as he becomes more mobile and confident. He remains a sweetie pie lovey boy who is always ready with a radiant smile. When he's upset, or wants to be picked up, his whines contain lots of n sounds, and he rarely makes it to the point of tears.

Harper is very good at helping Jack calm down. She buys me time when I'm doing laundry or I'm busy with something by going to him and singing him songs or playing peekaboo. The two of them have a very sweet relationship growing. She makes him laugh hysterically. It is so fun to see such a young baby laugh so hard at his (not much older, really) sister's antics. She really adores him and continues to look out for him and his needs. She'll tell me when "Jack Jack needs you, Mama. He's saying (imitates Jack's whiney sounds)."

He has two bottom teeth now, and seems to be working on the top two (wants to bite everything... all the tell tale signs). The two little teeth poke through his soft gums with their ruffled edges. It changes his smile; he's looking more and more like a big boy these days.

Jack also enjoys the Jumperoo. As long as we're visible, Jack can be happy bouncing in that thing for up to 20 minutes. I've actually gotten some dishes done this week that way! He gets a little workout that way.

Jack has tried his first solid foods in the last couple of weeks. His very first food was (organic) applesauce, which provoked some never-before-seen facial expressions. He wasn't so sure at first, but seemed to like it after a few bites. Next we tried (organic) sweet peas, an old Harper favorite. He seemed NOT to like that. Yesterday, he enjoyed biting on (and holding for himself) a Barley Biter Biscuit (also organic... let's just say that everything we give him is). He liked the dual purpose of eating something yummy and also biting/teething on it. Jack also had some oatmeal (baby kind... quite runny, made from weird flakes) which he seemed to like but may have given him a little gas. I wanted something to thicken him up a bit though because he has the classic "drool stool" associated with his teething. He slept better last night (woke only once at 4:30 AM, instead of twice- his usual 12:30 and 4:30 wakings) and I'm wondering/hoping if maybe the two servings of the oatmeal in addition to his regular breastfeeding may have helped that (?). Needless to say, we'll definitely do it again to find out!

Jack Jack, or Jackie, remains a constant source of joy and fun. He is super easy going, a great observer and mimic, and he is clearly on the verge of lots of new milestones. One of my favorite things about Jack is that he is content: as long as he is sitting on Mama's arm, he is content and observing. He'll be that way for a while and then as soon as you change your tone of voice and engage him, he lights up and responds. He's also a great listener. He waits until you pause and give him a moment before he'll talk back to you. Because of this, it may seem to others (who don't know him as well) that he's quieter or not-as-verbal, but if you are patient enough when playing with Jack and you pause for him to reply, he always will. It's almost like he is such a sweetie that he doesn't want to interrupt. He also has a great sense of humor and can tell when you're joking or teasing him. His laugh is infectious and beautiful.

I feel like the luckiest Mama to have such sweet, gorgeous, smart kids who clearly know how to love and laugh.