Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Much to Report!

Our enthusiastic little Jack Jack. Click this picture to see his top teeth coming in. The boy now has four teeth and seems to be working on more.

Jack has always loved being outside. Here he is in Daddy's new hammock (a birthday present from the Ertls-- thanks!) leaning over to pet Sadie.

Jack loves kitties, but the other day while visiting the Correas their little doggie, Chuy, came over to Jack on the floor and got right in his face-- not in a threatening way, just friendly. Jack shouted and grabbed Chuy by the neck and pushed him away. It was surprising how instantly the boy defended himself; it also enlightening to see that this is how he reacts-- when he felt scared he defended himself. He didn't look up for help. He faced this little puppy head on.

Here's Jack on a recent trip to the neighborhood park. He's a swing-lover like his sister and true to his love of the outdoors, he adores stroller rides.

Check this confident, cute smile as he sits in the front of the double stroller.

Now that hes been pulling up for a month, he does it with such ease. Jackie scoots all over the house and gets to the furniture (Harper's bed right now, or the ottoman, couch, our bed, the highchair...), reaches up and ascends. He can be up in under-a-second, ready to play.

He is still very self-determined. When we call to him he begins scooting to us but often gets distracted by his own interests and diverted to something else (an interesting outlet, cord, something "chokable" usually).

He's cruising on furniture, taking steps while holding on. He is very interested in walking-- who knows when he'll take his first unassisted steps, but he is definitely bolder than Harper was. He really enjoys taking steps while a grown up holds his hands above him, (I usually narrate, "step, step, step" as we go) and the last few days he'll even take several steps while only holding one hand. His balance is improving.

His receptive language has grown this month and Jackie can follow the direction "Gimme Five", "Turn the page", "Pat, pat, pat", "Shake, shake, shake", or "Touch the ___." He demonstrates his knowledge of some animals by distinguishing them in books this way. He can also locate my nose, mouth, ears, and tongue when I ask him to touch them.

He went to the doctor's the other day for his nine month appointment. Everything looks great. He's 28 3/4 " tall, and 18 lbs. 1 oz. This means he's relatively tall and thin-ish. He has dry skin, a couple spots of excema which we keep at bay with some super thick cream I use. Sometimes I see him scratching, though, poor guy.

7 o'clock at night is his grumpy hour. Jack would probably prefer if that were his bedtime, but it's just too darn inconvenient for our family. He goes to bed at about 8:15- 8:30 by nursing and still sleeps in our bed because he wakes and when that happens in Harper's room it stresses her out. When he sleeps more soundly, he'll join her in their room but for now he enjoys the luxuries of babyhood.

He's eating more solids, but he has fewer teeth than Harper so he's not eating foods as lumpy as she was at this age. His favorites include: butternut squash and corn, turkey and vegetables, butternut squash, corn and chicken, carrots, prunes, oatmeal cereal w/bananas, and he's beginning to try puffs.

Jack is signing more. He can sign: Dada, all done, good, bye bye (with the "Ba ba" sound), hi (with the long i sound), light, eat (hand to/in mouth with a smacking lips sound), and he claps to show approval/celebration.

He continues to adore his big sister. Each morning, when we emerge from the bedroom, I ask him, "Do you want to go see Harper?" Jack kicks his little legs, and begins waving his hand, ready to greet her.

Jack is learning to give hugs and kisses. It's the classic, open-mouthed kisses. Love it!

Another important milestone: he's beginning to use the sippy cup. Yesterday he drank the most so far, probably about an ounce and a half from a sippy.

His nicknames these days are Sonny Son Son, Cutzal (like the bird Quetzal, or the Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur... but waaaaaaaaay cuter) and Cutzal McKay.